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Helping a Veteran Find Solid Ground on the Home Front

Habitat Lake-Sumter partnered with Homes for Veterans, working together to remove barriers for one local disabled hero with major renovations to his home.

Watch his touching story here.

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Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter is dedicated to partnering with families and the community to create simple, decent, affordable housing for families in need because we believe a decent home provides the strength, stability, and independence to create a better life. Our goal is to help create a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

Homes For Veterans fund ramps, wheelchair accessible bathrooms, ADA kitchen adaptions, elevator installations that will remove a barrier from a disabled veteran’s home so that they can live their every day life freely, as they deserve. Our mission is to provide barrier-free renovations to disabled veteran home owners at no cost to the Veterans or their families. www.homesforveterans.us 

In Honor of our Veterans

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Veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless than non-service members due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living condition in overcrowded or substandard housing (HCOA).

Today, you can help.

 Donate today to provide critical home repairs for our Veterans. Your gift goes directly to address critical health and accessibility issues, guaranteeing that Veterans can live in their homes safely, now and in the future.

Veterans like Airman First Class Sergeant Daisy Kramer who was one of the 120,000 female soldiers who contributed mightily when she joined the Air Force as a young woman during the Korean war.  She received a ramp and can now enter and exit her home safely and with ease, whether visiting friends or going to doctors appointments.

Vintage photo from Korean War: Female Veterans

Your gift of $15, $50, or $500 makes our Veterans a priority. 

Honor our Veterans this November with your gift.

Your donation to the Veterans Housing Initiative makes sure that local veterans have the safety of home. 

Because of you, we have served over 50 veterans and their families in Lake and Sumter Counties, with many more to serve.

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Happy Veterans Day

Thank You and Happy Veterans Day!

Veterans Housing Initiative Appeal 2022

2022 Veterans Housing Initiative

Right now, there are too many Veterans in our community living in unsafe housing conditions. But with your support, we can help!

We’re taking the month of November to honor our Veterans and their families by providing safe, decent, and affordable homes through our Veterans Housing Initiative.

Thanks to you, we’ve served more than 50 Veterans. Veterans like Casey, who was a part of the last patrol deployed to Iraq in 2010. After returning home, Casey became the sole caretaker of her mother and they desperately needed accessibility repairs in their home.

Casey was taking her mother to a local gym to use the shower, but the emotional and physical burden they faced to do a simple task became unbearable.

You can change Casey’s life.

Will you give $10, $25, $100 or whatever you can today?

Casey will be able to take care of her mother. No more stress over a daily task. No more safety concerns. No more visits to use the gym shower.

Because of you, Casey and her family will have a safe, healthy home.

Thank you for standing with our Veterans.

In Service,

Danielle Stroud signature

Danielle Stroud
Habitat for Humanity Lake-Sumter, CEO

P.S. Your gift of $5o provides a life-changing critical home repair. Will you partner with our Veterans this November?

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July 2022 – Sponsor of the Month: Home Depot Foundation

Kemp Family Home Depot Foundation July 2022

Habitat for Humanity Lake-Sumter is invested in helping those that have invested in our country, and this month we’ve partnered with The Home Depot Foundation, to fulfill that mission.

Veterans are an important focus among Habitat’s programs. With Lake and Sumter Counties large population of Veterans, we’re committed to improve access to safe and affordable housing for them through our Veterans Housing Initiative.

Veteran-centered projects were renewed thanks to our partnership with The Home Depot Foundation – Repair Corps. The Home Depot Foundation allotted Habitat Lake-Sumter $40,000 to serve our veterans once again.

This money was crucial in completing critical home repairs to areas such as, roofing, sub floors, accessibility, plumbing, and more. The Home Depot Foundation created the means for Habitat Lake-Sumter to help Veterans in need and to improve their living situation. This partnership improved the stability and security for those who deserve it most. It also impacted many lives and communities, one of which was Mr. Kenneth Kemp.

“I was in a very dark place before reaching out to Habitat a year ago…I got the call, and everything in my life turned around! My home is better, my life is better…I’m just so grateful for what Habitat and Home Depot have done for me.” -Kenneth Kemp

Mr. Kemp faithfully served in the Army for 14 years. During his time, he sustained multiple physical injuries which left him 80% disabled. As he journeyed on after his time in the Army, he pursued other professions, all to support his family, but ultimately his disability greatly impacted his life. Now retired, Mr. Kemp has lived in his home for 20 years.  His home began to fall into disrepair due to natural aging of the home and hurricane damage. Due to his disabilities, Mr. Kemp was unable to complete them on his own. He needed assistance and was struggling to find it. Mr. Kemp felt that his home was a reflection of his life, which was currently declining. His home status was impacting his mental well-being.

The Home Depot Foundation created a beautiful opportunity for Mr. Kemp and his home. His home needed subfloor repair, roof repair, and foundation leveling. The repairs needed were unmanageable both financially and physically, but with the funds awarded to Habitat Lake-Sumter, Mr. Kemp was able to receive the necessary repairs.

Since receiving the call from Habitat, Mr. Kemp’s life has changed for the better. He found love again and the couple married this May. He is now proud of his home and happy to share his newly repaired home with his wife.  Mr. and Mrs. Kemp’s home is now safe and ready to be filled with love and new memories.

It was an honor to serve Mr. Kemp and to be a part of the life changing differences that were made through the partnership with The Home Depot Foundation.

Villagers for Veterans support Ashley’s House

Villagers for Veterans and Habitat for Humanity Lake Sumter break ground on Ashley's House. The home in Eustis will serve as transitional housing for female veterans coming back to civilian life.  Submitted photo

Villagers for Veterans and Habitat for Humanity Lake Sumter break ground on Ashley’s House. The home in Eustis will serve as transitional housing for female veterans coming back to civilian life.
Submitted photo

Women veterans who need help getting back into civilian life after serving their country soon will have a place to go in Lake County.

Villagers for Veterans and Habitat for Humanity Lake-Sumter broke ground Jan. 15 on Ashley’s House, a transitional home for women veterans. The facility is the first of its kind in Lake County and is much needed, said Marie Bogdonoff, founder of the nonprofit Villagers for Veterans.

“Homeless women veterans is the fastest-growing demographic in the military,” Bogdonoff said. “We want to provide them a safe place where they can transition, get their education, get healthy, get signed up at the VA, get a job and do all the things that they need in order to move out and into their own place.”

Lake County veteran gets free roof through community project

Angie and Elbert

LAKE COUNTY Fla. – Lake County Army veteran and her husband are relieved now that they’ll have a new roof over their heads.

“We were just like oh my God, thank you,” Angie Batica said.

The Batica family was chosen by the Owens Corning Roof Deployment Project–a program that lends a helping hand to struggling veterans.

“This is our way of thanking them and giving back for everything they did to serve our country,” Travis Foster. area sales manager for Owens Corning, the company’s that’s donating all the materials for the Batica’s new roof. “It’s one of the most critical things for the home. So, to give Angie and her family a peace of mind and know that they’re safe, that means a lot to us.”

Owens Corning teamed up with Habitat for Humanity Lake-Sumter and Southern Roofing and Renovations to get results for veterans.

Click here to view the video and read the full story by Carolina Cardona, WKMG ClickOrlando

Salute to our Veterans

vhi: donate. volunteer.

“The willingness of America’s veterans to sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude.” -Jeff Miller

Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter is incredibly grateful for the sacrifices that our servicemen and women make, and to express our gratitude we are dedicated to investing in the lives of local Veterans. Through the Veterans Housing Initiative, we want to ensure that those who served are not forgotten and give them the same opportunities that their sacrifices allow us to have. After completing the Umatilla Veteran’s Village – a 13-unit community – we committed to increasing our service to Veterans and their families. 

Since 2018, we’ve served an additional 15 Veteran households with Critical Repairs and Preservation. Veterans like Edwin Seda, who after a military career spanning 20 years in the U.S. Army, was faced with losing his insurance unless his roof was replaced.

To salute our Veterans, we invite you to join us from now through November in supporting Veterans in our community. There are many more Veterans living in sub-standard housing and we need YOU to help!

  1. Donate Today! Your donation of $15 helps to build ramps, repair dilapidated roofs, and uplift the home of a Veteran
  2. We invite Veterans and others to volunteer with us on a special Veterans project, Wednesday, November 11th
  3. Attend the ‘Salute to Veterans’ event hosted by the Mount Dora Golf Club – Veterans golf for free on Wednesday, November 11th

Every Veteran deserves to live with strength, stability, and self-reliance, will you partner with our Veterans this November?

Contact Lacie (352) 483-0434 x 146 or Lacie@HabitatLS.org for inquiries, comments, and to get involved.