Home Ownership Qualifications

Home Ownership Qualification Criteria

  • Must be a resident (or employed in) Lake or Sumter County for 1 year minimum
  • Must not have any felony convictions (or pending charges) and must not be a sexual offender
  • Must be willing to partner for up to 12 months with HFHLS
  • Must demonstrate a need for program
  • Credit matters – target score of 640
  • Must have verifiable income
  • Must be at or below 80% AMI and able to qualify for a mortgage

    80% AMI for Sumter County Residents
    1 – 4 Person Family – $53,450
    5 – 8 Person Family – $70,550

    80% AMI for Lake County Residents
    1 -4 Person Family – $51,100
    5 – 8 Person Family – $67,450

We are currently seeking homeowners for the following homes in our service area:

2 Bed/1 Bath Home – 6702 Winkles St., Coleman FL (Cottage Size Home approx. 700 sqft)

2 Bed/1 Bath Home – 6706 Winkles St., Coleman FL (Cottage Size Home approx. 700 sqft)

View cottage floor plans and sample elevations below:

3 Bed/2 Bath Home – Stevens Ave, Eustis, FL

3 Bed/2 Bath Home – St. Louis Ave, Eustis, FL

View floor plan and sample elevation below:



If you feel as though you meet the above criteria please fill out the screener below and our qualifications department will review your request and reach back out to you as soon as possible to discuss your suitability for the program.

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