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In Honor of our Veterans

Do you know?

Veterans are 50% more likely to become homeless than non-service members due to poverty, lack of support networks, and dismal living condition in overcrowded or substandard housing (HCOA).

Today, you can help.

 Donate today to provide critical home repairs for our Veterans. Your gift goes directly to address critical health and accessibility issues, guaranteeing that Veterans can live in their homes safely, now and in the future.

Veterans like Airman First Class Sergeant Daisy Kramer who was one of the 120,000 female soldiers who contributed mightily when she joined the Air Force as a young woman during the Korean war.  She received a ramp and can now enter and exit her home safely and with ease, whether visiting friends or going to doctors appointments.

Vintage photo from Korean War: Female Veterans

Your gift of $15, $50, or $500 makes our Veterans a priority. 

Honor our Veterans this November with your gift.

Your donation to the Veterans Housing Initiative makes sure that local veterans have the safety of home. 

Because of you, we have served over 50 veterans and their families in Lake and Sumter Counties, with many more to serve.

Will you give today?



Happy Veterans Day

Thank You and Happy Veterans Day!