Domestic Global Village

At Habitat of Lake-Sumter we believe volunteerism is an integral part of a successful and vibrant community. Therefore we created our Domestic Global Village to engage volunteer groups in local service projects. The Domestic Global Village, also known as “the DGV”, is a unique hostel-like volunteer center near downtown Eustis. It houses 99 bunk beds, media center, game room, commercial kitchen, bath houses, and outdoor recreation courts. The facility’s main purpose is to provide volunteers a comfortable and fun place to stay while they work to support our mission of providing affordable housing in Lake and Sumter Counties and other community-based projects in the area.

A core activity that is housed out of the facility is called Collegiate Challenge. Students from all over the nation come to Eustis to stay at the DGV and volunteer for Habitat of Lake-Sumter. During their stay, they work on Preservation & Repair and Home Ownership projects. Students stay for about one week and pay a small weekly program fee that goes toward the work that they are doing in the community. We also use the DGV for other service related projects. As an example, we will be partnering with another organization that will utilize the DGV to prepare and train interested volunteers in becoming disaster relief specialists through the Florida Disaster Reservist Program.

To register for a collegiate challenge trip please contact our Volunteer Services Director, Carlos Beron, at or (352) 483-0434 ext. 119.

International Interns

  • Front entrance of the DGV
    Front Entrance