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Your gift can change Layla’s life!


2022 Summer Appeal

When 7 year-old Layla and her brother moved in with their grandparents, Layla knew she was moving into a good home for her and her brother to grow up in.

Layla’s grandparents filled the home with love and laughter, making her feel safe again. But without an air conditioning unit, the house gets so hot Layla can barely sleep at night. 

You have the power to change Layla’s life

Through our Preservation and Repair program, we partner with very low-income families, like Layla’s, who own their home but due to age, health, or life-circumstances are unable to maintain the safety of their home.

Your gift of $20, $45, or $100 will give Layla a stable start in a home that increases safety, health, and her educational success.

Your donation helps to provide the critical home repairs, like new HVAC, windows, and weatherization that will make Layla’s house a safe place to grow up in!

Layla’s grandparents will be able to move limited finances from home repair costs to instead pay for healthy food, doctor’s visits, and the resources a 7 year-old needs to thrive.

Donate today to provide Layla with a nurturing home environment– changing her life now and in the future!

P.S. You can give Layla the start that every child deserves, will you help?