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YOU can give the gift of a safe and healthy home!

Summer Appeal 2021 Preservation and Repair
We share a belief that everyone deserves a decent place to live.

Home is foundational to improved health, stronger childhood development,
and the opportunity to build a better future.


Through our Preservation and Repair program, we partner with very low-income families who own their home but due to life circumstances are unable to maintain the safety and accessibility of their home.

You can give the gift of a safe home to Lisa, will you donate today?

Lisa has owned her home for 24 years, but due to financial and physical constraints, Lisa has been unable to keep up with the repairs her home needs. As the primary caretaker of her disabled son, Lisa just wants her home to be safe, but her home has faulty and dangerous electric work that desperately needs repaired and a roof that leaks every time it rains.

With your help, we will repair the home’s critical electrical issues and repair the roof, but better yet, we will change the quality of Lisa’s life.

Today, your gift of $25, $50, or $100 will be used to make Lisa’s
home safe!

Do You Know?
Unsafe housing has direct and documented negative health outcomes, especially
for children. A healthy home is a vaccine that provides both immunity and resilience.

Together, we can build a healthy home.


Contact: Lacie@habitatls.org | (352) 483-0434 x 146

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