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Volunteer Voices: The Legacy of Bob & Doris

Bob and Doris Meyer have been volunteering with Habitat for over 20 years, and have made some incredible contributions to the organization, touching the lives of many throughout their journey. Married for 43 years, the Meyer’s have taken their passion of constructing homes to every Habitat build, and are a testament to the dedication of our volunteers that constitute the success of Habitat.

The Meyer’s have called Florida their shared home for years, but they maintain a swift schedule traveling the world working on builds for Habitat. From Thailand, South Africa, to the United Kingdom, they have worked with over 30 affiliates in about 15 of the U.S. States.  How did they decide that Habitat was for them?

They happened to see Habitat mentioned on T.V. and decided to start their volunteering journey together, as a pair. After one build, they were instantly hooked to the, “habitat way” of construction and the mission of building homes with a strong community role.

When asked about their most memorable experiences, Bob and Doris did not hesitate to say that the work they did along the Gulf coast from Alabama to Texas post hurricane Katrina was incredibly challenging and where they felt the most needed. They worked on these builds for three years, helping rebuild communities and homes that were affected the hardest.

Most recently, they worked right here in Lake county at the Veterans Village managing volunteer crews from Collegiate Challenge.

Their advice to fellow volunteers?

“Just keep Showing up. That’s what we did.”

The Meyers have been showing up for over 20 years, and have changed the lives of many along the way. Their dedication is a true inspiration to the passion shown by our volunteers.