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Volunteer Voices: A Moment with Christie Kesner


We asked Christie, a new volunteer with us, to share a bit about herself and why she chooses to give back at Habitat of Lake Sumter. Here is what she had for us…

What do you do for Habitat?

I help out with the Development department – anything in the realm of donor relations, writing, or the donor database. Lately, I have produced content for press releases, future newsletters and some correspondence letters with donors and other volunteers.

Why do you volunteer?

I am new to Lake county and I wanted to give back to the community in any way possible. Volunteering gives me the opportunity to

work on skills for my personal career, while also helping an organization that does amazing work – it’s a wonderful opportunity.

What is your favorite component about Habitat?

Habitat is incredible at helping families build their lives. Not only in helping provide a home, but the sense of security and community that Habitat helps bring to a project is what resonates with me the most.

What has Habitat taught you?

More than anything, Habitat has taught me the importance of community, and how the smallest contribution can make a long lasting impact. I am so grateful to be around such inspiring people that truly care about what they do. I will continue to carry this spirit on in all of my future endeavors.

Do you have any tips for future volunteers?

Do not hesitate to come in and talk to anyone who works for Habitat. Everyone who works or volunteers here are the friendliest individuals who are more than willing to sit with you and explain what he or she does and why.  It does not matter what your age or skills set are – there is something to do here for everyone.