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Staff Spotlight: Meet Tasha!

Staff Spotlight: Tasha Milsap 2022

When you visit the Leesburg ReStore, you may encounter the bright smile and warm welcome of Tasha. A Lake County native, Tasha has always enjoyed work that allowed her to improve her community and positively impact others. Prior to joining the ReStore team, Tasha worked as a chef and also as a health and wellness coach alongside her sister.

Tasha first began her journey with the Habitat Lake-Sumter team as a volunteer, as helping people has always brought her joy and fulfillment. When the opportunity for employment within the Habitat organization arose, Tasha decided to take a chance and apply. It was the right choice.  Tasha enjoys working with the Habitat Leesburg ReStore team. “The professionalism, yet family-oriented atmosphere makes the Leesburg ReStore a great working environment”, Tasha says.  

Giving back into the community is a value that Tasha also instilled in her son, Andre.  Andre, who often volunteered alongside his mom at various Habitat events, is now also a part of the ReStore staff. Tasha admits the mother and son duo work dynamic has been both fun and challenging. Learning to balance roles of parent-child and co-worker was indeed an adjustment for the two.

Tasha serves a dual role in the Leesburg ReStore as lead cashier and social media assistant. In addition to her warm and bright smile, Tasha is very efficient in her role and tasks and always carries a pleasant demeanor at work. One of the highlights Tasha enjoys about working at the Leesburg ReStore is seeing the smiling, familiar faces of the customers who shop regularly as well as welcoming new customers.

Tasha enjoys the ReStore’s role in empowering families. The ReStore plays an intricate role in Habitat’s mission to build homes, community, and hope. Providing families with affordable goods and services empowers families in many ways and Tasha ensures that she does her part in sharing that mission by informing all customers about the affordable housing programs Habitat Lake-Sumter has to help local families and residents. “Being able to build relationships with the customers and help families in need is a great feeling”, Tasha says.

Tasha encourages anyone interested in volunteering or becoming a part of the Habitat to take the leap. “Don’t be afraid to try new things. This has been a very rewarding experience,” says Tasha. Tasha hopes to continue her tenure with Habitat and looks forward to future opportunities for advancing her career within the Habitat Lake-Sumter organization.