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Staff Spotlight – Carlos Beron

staff spotlight 2023 carlos

Meet Habitat Lake-Sumter’s Volunteer Services Manager

In 2008, Carlos started his service to Habitat for Humanity in the Miami-Dade area. Eight years later, he joined Habitat Lake-Sumter overseeing volunteers for various projects and events. Volunteers are the heart and soul of what Habitat does, they are the essential framework for the impact we are able to make every day within the community. Retaining people, talent, and knowledge is a key goal that Carlos strives to achieve in his role as Volunteer Services Manager.

Carlos’ favorite part of his job is meeting and organizing all the volunteers that come out to the homes we are building. Multiple groups of students have participated in Collegiate Challenge, or alternative school breaks over the years, coming from all over the country to stay in Habitat Lake-Sumter’s Domestic Global Village while they are here to help. Carlos likes to organize and facilitate these groups. He takes the time to get to know the volunteers individually, offering suggestions of local eateries and activities they may do on their down time, all the while making them comfortable during their stay.

Of Habitat Lake-Sumter’s 5 Core Values, Carlos identifies most with Trustworthy; We are committed to honesty and transparency. We aim to what’s right, even when no one is looking.

“We aim to do what is right for the volunteers and the community.  Neighbors and partners see what we do at Habitat, whether they see the employees, or the volunteers working hard, and they appreciate what they do, and the families we partner with are appreciative of whatever Habitat can do for them. This feels good every way you look at it.”

~ Carlos

The most challenging part of Carlos’ job is assigning tasks according to what the construction crews require and what the volunteers would like to work on during their time volunteering. It is his job to create a stress-free zone for our volunteers, who inevitably experience stress in their day-to-day lives. An easy way for Carlos to avoid stress for volunteers is to ensure that tasks and roles are clearly defined. This starts with an introduction between the volunteers and the crews they are working with. Carlos also checks in with our volunteers occasionally, ensuring that they are happy with their position and addressing any concerns or schedule challenges they may have.

When he is not working, Carlos collects vintage toys to resell. He sources his collectibles from flea markets, garage sales, and other collectors too.

Carlos’ has advice for anyone interested in volunteering with Habitat Lake-Sumter,

“If anybody would like to volunteer, email or call me.

Everybody is welcome, even if you don’t know anything about construction.”

~ Carlos

Did You Know? Annually, Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter hosts around 800 volunteers who invest more than 38,00 hours in building homes, community, and hope.


*HFHLS 5 Core Values are: Trustworthy; Intentional; United; Just; Driven