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Sponsor of the Month: LGI Homes

lgi homes sponsor of the month july 2023

When you look at the LGI HOMES list of core values you’ll see that they are in alignment with the values that Habitat for Humanity Lake-Sumter operates with: Integrity; Ethical behavior; and Loyalty, to name a few.

Our Sponsor of the Month sits down to share why they’ve partnered with Habitat Lake-Sumter and why it matters for businesses to get involved in the community.

What is your name, and your role with LGI Homes?

John Gammon, Project Manager

What impact did LGI make partnering with Habitat Lake-Sumter for a team build day?

It was a great day overall for the entire team. They got out of the office, and it was a different experience for the Sales team to get to see the construction, and be hands on for the day. Meeting the homeowner we were building for really put it into a special perspective for the team too. LGI Homes has been giving back to the community we serve since 2016, with our LGI Giving initiative.

Tell us a little about LGI Giving Initiative, and your team’s volunteer experience.

The mission of LGI Giving is to support the community financially and through volunteerism, we want to empower our employees to make an impact. With the Office Manager and office teams participating in this build day, it let them experience the construction side of it to show their dedication to giving back. They really put in the hard physical work on the construction site.

How does Habitat Lake-Sumter’s mission align with LGI Homes mission?

Since LGI started building homes in 2003 our mission has been in alignment with Habitat’s goals of making dreams come true by fulfilling first time homebuyer’s dreams.

What other efforts does LGI make to give back to the community?

LGI Homes hosts a Service Impact Day every June, we close all of the offices nationwide for one day and dedicate it to giving back. Every LGI employee spends the day giving back dollars and hours volunteering in the local community. As a collective effort the sales manager and office manager chose to dedicate this year’s Service Impact Day to Habitat Lake-Sumter, and then the team really came through.

What do you think about the house they are building in the first 55+ age-qualified community?

Building alongside the homeowner showed their team that we are meeting the needs of the people who really deserve it. Plus, it gave that feeling of helping your mom or grandma in a big way.

We were happy to see that the construction manager on site was not cutting any corners, and gave clear instruction to us, so we could see that the quality of work going into the home is significant and that meant a lot to see the care being put into the construction of the home.

John Gammon, LGI Homes Project ManagerLGI Project Manager John Gammon
oversees the sales for Lake and Polk Counties
Congratulations, LGI HOMES for being our July 2023 Sponsor of the Month!