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Welcome Home, Sankey Family!

Latoya Sankey is about to finally make her “last move” as she likes to call it, and it’s her biggest – into the role of homeowner!


Like many families, Latoya and her two children, Skyla and Mason have been moving from rental house to rental house. Through her renting experience, similar issues kept occurring, either the rental home prices increased, or the house was being sold out from under her and her family. Latoya will no longer have to endure rental price increases or need to worry about a rental being sold. They are overjoyed to finally have a forever home.

Welcome Home, Sankey Family!

Latoya’s career is focused on helping seniors with low budgets find a place to live. Through her hunt for housing for someone else, she learned about the housing program and her partnership towards homeownership began leading to her future home.

After completing the application process successfully and completing the qualifications, Latoya is looking forward to moving into her new 3bdrm/2ba home built in Mascotte.  Even with all the excitement, her awaited move-in is not without hard work and giving back. To complete her 200 hours of sweat equity, Latoya has been hands-on building her home and others. She has also volunteered at the local ReStore, and helped host community events for other programs.

As she nears moving into her new home, she is already planning her first get together.  Her favorite part of her new home is the open kitchen. She is excited to cook while being able to interact with her guests.

Of all the exciting things to come, Latoya and her children are most happy to say the home is theirs.