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Welcome Home: The Brewington Family

Brewington Family Home Sweet Home 2023

On August 22, 2022, Marsha Brewington was told she had been approved to be a future Habitat homeowner, and she was ecstatic. She had not thought about being a homeowner until she gained custody of her grandchildren, but having them under her care, she knew she wanted a home for them.

Marsha grew up in Sanford, Florida. She lived there her whole life until unexpected circumstances, and a giving friend, brought her to Lake County. During this time, Marsha’s daughter was facing difficulties she could not overcome, leading to Marsha becoming the caretaker for her two grandchildren, Kaemon and Demyla. Though they did not plan on becoming their own family, they wanted to make it as complete as possible. So they added Bella, a cat, and she has been an amazing addition.

They have been living in apartments in Leesburg but have had many issues this year. Pipes burst, causing flooding and damages to their personal belongings, as well as AC issues creating mildew on walls, have left them in a less than ideal living situation. Marsha had heard about the Habitat program and the “amazing things they done to help others and change lives,” so when she had the opportunity to apply, she did not hesitate. Marsha is “excited to be a part of the Habitat family” and so far, she said her “experience has been wonderful.” She is looking forward to helping at the build site as much as possible, and she is also interested in volunteering at the ReStore.

The excitement of having a new home is in full swing for her and her grandchildren. Marsha is looking forward to a few things, one being the driveway/garage. She cannot wait for her own parking space. She is also excited about having a porch to watch the “kids be kids” in the yard. Kaemon and Demyla are both thrilled about having their own rooms. Once in the home, the Brewington’s want to have a small housewarming party with family. They also plan on starting a few new traditions: a happiness jar and a monthly picnic in the yard. No matter the traditions that take place in the home, Marsha believes “the memories are already being made.”

On, April 26, 2023, Marsha was surrounded by the Youth Construction Academy students, the Leesburg High School band and cheer team, staff from the City of Leesburg, home sponsor RoMac Building Supply, and many esteemed members of the community.

During the ceremony, the students shared highlights of their experience and expressed gratitude for participating in the program which has taught them many useful skills they may carry into adulthood. The keys to the home were ceremonially passed from one student to the next, through the hands of Don Magruder, CEO of RoMac Building Supply, into Marsha’s excited hands. Passing this significant set of keys marked the completion of this special project and ushers in a new chapter in the life of the Brewington family.