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Meet The Benton Family

benton family house and photo with the villages club 2023

Nicole Benton is a hardworking single mother of two growing daughters, Janaiza and Jaide, who has been employed with local company M & S Air Conditioning for over 10 years. Nicole and her daughters have always lived on and off with her grandmother; Shirley, who is now 90 years old. Nicole has always dealt with the hardships of finding a home that was capable of fitting her family, as well as being a good environment for her children to grow up in.

“I have never not appreciated living with my grandmother.  There is never a dull moment, but as

time goes on there is a point where children need their own space and so does a mom.”

~ Nicole Benton

When Nicole’s family heard the great news about Nicole meeting mortgage criteria and being chosen to construct a Habitat Lake-Sumter home, they were  just as excited as Nicole and her daughters.  With their life is a non-stop, 24/7, continuous loop. The Benton family is always on the go for school, work and after school activities. Their new home gives the girls endless opportunities and the education they need to achieve anything they put their minds to.

“As we get ready for this new change in our lives, I go on to think about all of

the opportunities this house will give us and cannot wait for the new beginnings we are

going to face as we move for in the process, thank you so much for this chance to give

my family what we have always, a home to call all ours!”

This new home will bring Nicole and her children closer to other family members and their school.  As they get ready for this new chapter in life, she reflects on the opportunities this home will provide and the new beginnings that come with a home to call their own!