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From The Lundy’s Perspective: A Habitat Home Investment

Lundy Family

Noah and Carol Lundy began their journey with Habitat in January 2012. After being engaged in volunteer work and participating in financial classes with Habitat, they purchased a 3-bedroom, 2 bath home in Eustis with a private fenced yard, which was just what they needed since gaining custody in 2011 of their two nieces, Ariel and Tapanga.

They later adopted the girls in March 2013.

“One of the most exciting things about buying the home from Habitat was like putting money in the bank, so to speak, due to the payments being low enough,” Noah says. “We paid more each month, thus increasing the equity, which was exciting itself!”

Carol loved that their Eustis home was 15 minutes from her job as a records support analyst at Florida Hospital Waterman, where she still works. Her husband is a semi-retired contractor. The couple also has two grown sons, David and Gregory, and four grandchildren, Jacob, Maleigha, Calib, and Joshua.

After being successful with Habitat for over four years, the Lundy family decided to look into buying a home with a larger lot for their growing family… Ariel, now 13 and Tapanga, 8.

“We were able to put more than $32,000 into buying our brand new constructed home in Umatilla,” says Noah, noting Habitat has been a special blessing in their lives.

“We found out that Habitat is a strong, Christian-based organization dedicated to helping people in all walks of life to pursue their dream as home owners,” he says. “It has forever impacted our lives and enabled us to meet many new friends.”

One of those friends is Habitat’s CEO Kent Adcock. Noah and Carol were touched last December when they first considered buying a home with a larger lot for the girls, Kent provided guidance on purchasing their Umatilla home.