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Life As a Homeowner: Amanda and Emilee

Amanda and Emilee Brooks Family Update 2022

Comfort is what Habitat homeowner Amanda feels about her new home. She and daughter, Emilee, enjoy spending their time sitting cozy in their living room, which is their favorite room in the house. The two thoroughly enjoy the open floor plan and extra space. In fact they were able to turn the third bedroom into a playroom for Emilee, and she is enjoying being able to decorate and put her own touch on it.

“We just love the openness and space that we have. It’s great having so much room!” -Amanda and Emilee

Since becoming homeowners Emilee’s expressive personality has truly blossomed. Research has shown that housing has a direct correlation to children’s development and ability to thrive. Emilee now has the ability to continue growing and thriving in her new home and even has a pet now, a cat affectionately named Winnie. Life has moved in a positive direction for Amanda and Emilee since becoming homeowners. Amanda has since received two promotions at her job and is now able to save to buy a new car!

“The overall experience has been great! I enjoyed every minute of the process from start to finish,” says Amanda.

Although there are many joys of being a homeowner, Amanda admits there were a few adjustments to get used to such as learning yard maintenance. Amanda and Emilee share the responsibility of keeping the yard up. Amanda does the mowing and trimming, while Emilee tends to the weeds. The two are looking forward to gardening and planting flowers. Amanda also plans to eventually enhance her backyard and create her own oasis for outside entertainment.

Amanda is certainly not the only Habitat homeowner in her community as she shares comradery with other Habitat homeowners in her neighborhood.  Amanda plans to continue being an ambassador for Habitat Lake-Sumter encouraging others to also go through the homeownership program.

“Going through the Habitat Homeownership program has inspired me to help others. I want to encourage as many people as I can to apply and go through the homeownership program. It’s so worth it.” – Amanda.