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June 2021 Sponsor of the Month: The Home Depot Foundation


June 2021 Sponsor of the Month: Home Depot Foundation

Habitat Lake-Sumter is proud to partner with the Home Depot Foundation to serve Veterans in Lake and Sumter Counties. Because of the Home Depot Foundation’s generous contribution of $30,000, we are able to serve 5 Veterans and their families through Critical Home Repairs. We believe that every Veteran deserves to live with strength, stability, and self-reliance. 

Lake and Sumter Counties host a large population of Veterans, with over 52,000 veterans living in our service area. As of 2018, Sumter County boasted a 14% veteran population, double to the National average of 7%.

This means that we have the support and involvement of Veterans, but it also means we have a big need to serve. Since building the Umatilla Veterans Village; organizations, public leaders, families, and individuals have continued to seek out innovative ways in addressing Veteran issues in Lake and Sumter Counties. We want to uphold and expand our commitment to the Veterans in our community to do more: to address safety and accessibility modifications for Veterans across our service area, to increase the number of Veteran families served, and to use the Habitat platform to advocate for Veterans and raise awareness of the proactive measures we can take to support our them.

Because of the generosity and dedication from the Home Depot Foundation, we can bolster our efforts significantly and continue to increase the Veterans we serve and the impact we have on the community overall. 

Thanks to the Home Depot Foundation, we can partner with Veterans to ensure their homes are safe, accessible, and affordable – serving those who have served the most.