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Habitat for Humanity receives $50,000 grant from Publix for affordable housing

Publix Volunteers at Bates House in Eustis 2023

Katy Black says living in Eustis will make huge difference

EUSTIS, Fla. – Katy Black gave News 6 a tour of what her new Eustis home will look like.

She and her son Chase Allison, 17, were selected to build an affordable home through Habitat for Humanity.

Though, Black said it was not easy. As a single mom, she had to fix her credit and apply for the program.

Black said living in Eustis will make a huge difference since they currently live in Silver Springs, about an hour away.

“My income goes to paying all the bills on my own and then if I want anything extra, it’s coming out of my pocket. I don’t have a second person to help me,” she said.

Chase has been helping volunteers around the structure and he is looking forward to starting senior year at Eustis High School next year, which is right across the street.

“I’m just ready to graduate and go to trade school just.. it’s a great situation. My mom, she, she deserves it,” Chase said.

Publix Super Markets Charities awarded Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter with a $50,000 grant as a signature sponsor of the new home.

Team members from across multiple Publix locations have come together to build the home.

“For me, you’re giving me a safe, stable place to live and making it affordable for me at the same time,” Black said.

The family said the goal is to move into their new home sometime this summer.

Click here to watch Katy give a tour of her new home with Ezzy Castro, WKMG News 6 reporter