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Almost Home: The Tynes Family

tynes family photos 2022

Sheena Tynes, a soon to be homeowner with Habitat for Humanity of Lake-Sumter, is patiently awaiting the completion of her future home. Sheena’s home is the product of Women Build, an annual event held by Habitat Lake-Sumter each spring, but more importantly, it is her first step into homeownership for her and her children since moving back to the United States ten years ago. Sheena works as an assistant manager at a loan company in Leesburg and she has 3 children: Nicholas, Nathan, and Skye. They are all excited about their new space.  The Tynes Family has lived in Mount Dora for 10 years, and all those years, they have been working toward this moment. As the construction of their home progresses, Sheena admits her children are “excited because they want their own space. They’re ready. That’s something they keep talking about.”

Habitat for Humanity was not always on Sheena’s radar, but after having a previous home fall through, and living in a single-parent program at Mount Dora Christian Home, a social worker relayed Habitat Lake-Sumter’s home ownership program to her. It took a bit to get going, but Sheena prayed about the opportunity and now that she is in the program, she is “excited for the next step.” Sheena dedicates her Saturdays to completing her sweat equity hours and her sons have also volunteered by painting houses at other Habitat project sites. She has never had any experience in the building/construction field, so this experience has allowed her to learn new skills. One thing she has learned in this process…the home is always morphing. Every time she looks at the house “it keeps changing.”

Her 4/2 house is offering something that seems taken for granted often, her own space. She has been shopping for bedroom, living room, and patio furniture. Like many people in Lake County, she is excited to do some front porch sitting. Relaxing mornings on the front porch drinking coffee are in her future. Sheena knows it will be her spot to reminisce about her grandma. This process takes time, hard work, and sweat (in abundance), but when it comes down to it, she “just wants to get in” and have the house to herself for a bit.

From losing a previous house to applying with Habitat, Sheena has trusted God through the process and the waiting. The process has been “pleasant and easy” for all parties involved. We’re so glad to have the opportunity to partner with the Tynes family and provide an end to their time of waiting. Sheena’s future home is already past the plumbing, electrical, and duct work phases, which means the move-in day is near and her front porch days are not far off. Eustis is a new town for her which she hasn’t spent much time, so she is looking forward to exploring downtown and the events it has to offer. One request from Sheena is for her house to be prayed over. Well Sheena, prayer is on the way. Enjoy your new home and your coffee on the porch!