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Almost Home: Meet the Cepero Family

The Cepero Family 2022

Summer is the time for fun in the sun, but for the Cepero family, it is the time for closing on their first ever owned home. “Thank God we were blessed to have our own home in Eustis,” these are the words of Brenda Cepero, Habitat homeowner (soon to be). She feels blessed to have partnered with Habitat, but Habitat would also say our organization was blessed by her and her family.

Brenda Cepero, 52, has been living in a small Eustis apartment with three people she loves dearly: her daughter, Stephanie, her son, Victor, and Victor’s girlfriend, Angela. As a family, they enjoy each other’s camaraderie during everyday life, especially during family game night. As a family they are growing their careers and working on deepening their education, however, they have never had the ability to purchase their own home. Through conversation, a friend shared Habitat for Humanity’s housing program with Brenda and from there the process began.

Brenda shared that “the application process was easy and went smoothly. I was guided through the process by very helpful Habitat employees…We feel great about our new home…It’s something we’ve wanted to do, but never had the opportunity. Thanks to Habitat for Humanity, we have the opportunity now and we can’t wait.” This sentiment is everything Habitat wants to embody: Habitat, the community, and the people in it coming together to work toward a better future.

With all the positive notes regarding the Cepero family’s process and experience, there still were some construction setbacks. The process to build the home has had its challenges. Construction delays due to timing and issues with procuring needed materials and permits caused inevitable hinderances. Even with the realities that come with a task so large as building a home, the Cepero family put their frustration aside and remained optimistic throughout the obstacles.   

With or without challenges, the unique detail about Habitat and their homeowners it that it is a partnership. With every homeowner there is a relationship made and time spent. Brenda, Stephanie, Victor, and Angela have all assisted Habitat in various ways through the Sweat Equity Program.  Devoting countless hours whether volunteering in the office, assisting in construction projects, working in the ReStore, participating in the Jingle Build Off, attending Women’s Build Events, or painting their own home, they have selflessly poured their time into Habitat’s causes; therefore helping to further what Habitat can do for others. They are another illustration of how a family and Habitat for Humanity are better together.      

As the Cepero family and their home approach the closing date, one of the most exciting details for the family is that the home will be theirs and only theirs. This means they can do with it what they want, specifically, decorating it as desired. They were able to pick the color palette for the interior and they are “excited” to put everything in it that could not fit in the apartment because of space. The family made it clear though, once moved in and decorated, they “are going to party and have some fun.”  They are most excited about making memories in their own home. They look forward to celebrating birthdays, holidays, and anything in between.  Brenda, Stephanie, Victor, and Angela are a family, and now they are also part of the Habitat family.

We were so blessed to partner with them. From Habitat to the Cepero family, we hope you love your new home!