Employee Training Opportunities

Explore a diverse range of educational opportunities to acquire new skills, refine existing ones, or advance your career through Habitat for Humanity’s collaboration with ed2go. There are three education platforms that provide a range of valuable learning opportunities designed for diverse levels of expertise and interests. 

   Ed2go’s Fundamental Courses at HabitatLS offer foundational skills in business and is ideal for staff looking to strengthen their foundational knowledge or explore new topics.

   Ed2go Career Training’s Advanced Courses deepen expertise with specialized training, while providing industry-recognized certifications.

   Alison stands out with its extensive catalog of free courses across differing topics, ensuring accessible and continuous skill enhancement worldwide. Alison offers free courses with an optional paid certificate available. 

Interested in pursuing an education course through Habitat? We encourage you to discuss potential reimbursement options with your supervisor to support your professional development! Some courses are offered at cost if they are of personal interest but some courses, if approved by a supervisor, will be covered by Habitat Lake-Sumter.